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The submission window for the Spring '20 issue is now closed (as of April 7th). Continue to submit to be considered for next semester's issue!


To submit, please email your piece(s) as attachments to tcnjlionseye@gmail.com from a tcnj.edu email.  Please include your name, and the title of your submission(s) within the body of your submission. (A sincere/polite salutation, closing, and message are not a bad touch). 




Submission Policy

You may submit any and every type of art that can be printed on paper:  poetry, short stories, short dramas, photography, sketches, paintings, etc.  Only five pieces from a given individual can be published per semester, although you may submit more.  If more than your five pieces would have gone in, we may hold over the other pieces for the following semester's magazine.  If you are considering writing a long piece, we suggest asking for the size of that semester's magazine and the related length suggestions; while we do not put a length limit on submissions, it is suggest to aim for a piece that would take up no more than 2 or 3 pages in the magazine.  One magazine is produced each semester; the deadline, typically, is a little more than one month before the end of the semester.  


Review Policy

During our weekly general club meetings, members review the works submitted and vote on pieces to be featured in the upcoming issue.  Often times, due to our voting system, we cannot answer questions regarding the status of submissions immediately; please understand that there will be a period of time between submitting and hearing from us. Please email us if you would like in-person feedback from us.


Other Policy

We do not attempt to prevent the publication of pieces in other professional literary magazines, nor do we need first-print rights.  If you are thinking of submitting to other professional literary magazines, please contact us and them to understand how to navigate their policies.

Lion's Eye reserves the right to hold onto all submitted pieces for possible future publication until the submitter graduates, or requests the piece be released.  In reality, we rarely, if ever, publish a piece twice.  There will be pieces that receive what you could call a "maybe yes" rating but do not make it into the magazine; according to our policy, we also hold onto these pieces for the next semester in case they are needed.   However, we rarely, if ever, need to look at past submissions due to a lack of current submissions, and instead we strongly advise revision and resubmission for these pieces as they were just about in.


If you have any questions, please first check out our FAQ page.  If your question is still not answered, please e-mail us.


Again, send specially formatted poems or other text, lengthy pieces, and graphic art directly to:  tcnjlionseye@gmail.com


By submitting you agree to adhere to all of our rules and policies (those posted here and those available upon inquiry), and accept that we reserve the right to modify the rules and policies at any point in time, including allowing retroactive modifications.  You agree that we are not liable for any injuries and/or damages caused to you, and/or to your property.  We do not hold (or require) first-rights to publication nor do we in anyway attempt to prevent you from being able to submit to professional magazines; however, we are not held responsible for the rules and policies of other magazines you may submit to.  Any and all cases of plagiarism will be dealt with to the fullest extent possible.

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