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What does FAQ stand for?

- Frequently Asked Questions. This page has all the answers to them.


What do you do?

- In general, our goal is to put together a collection of student artwork and writing and produce a literary magazine to showcase it once a semester. At our meetings, we typically pass around submitted work for members to review, discuss, and vote on. We also hold occasional fundraisers and recreational events, so keep an eye on our Events page for more info.


When/where do you meet?

- We meet every Wednesday at 2:00 P.M. in Bliss Hall, room 235 for about one hour.


Do I have to be an English or art major?

- Of course not, silly. As long as art or literature is something you enjoy creating or reviewing, you should be able to fit right in with the Lion's Eye. Of course, if you enjoy it a great deal, perhaps you already are majoring in a related discipline. But we make no requirements of you; any TCNJ student is welcome.


How can I become a member?

- There's no initiation ceremony or test you have to pass. If you want to get involved, feel free to just show up at a meeting one week. You can jump right in. Of course, if you'd like to stay up to date on what's new with the club, it would be a good idea to get on our mailing list. Just mention it in a meeting or send us an e-mail at tcnjlionseye@gmail.com asking to be added to the list. You'll receive updates with weekly minutes and event reminders to keep you in the loop.


How can I become an officer?

- Officer elections will be held sometime in the Spring Semester, and will be effective and the beginning of the following year. If any position becomes available due to a current officer choosing to step down, an election for that position will be held shortly thereafter, and members will be alerted both at a meeting and through an e-mail that the position is open. To run for a position, members will be asked to write a short case arguing why they should be elected and e-mail it to tcnjlionseye@gmail.com before noon on the day of the election. Elections will be held at a regularly scheduled meeting and will be decided by secret popular ballot.


How do I submit work?

- Submit all work as an e-mail attachment to tcnjlionseye@gmail.com. Your submissions will be reviewed at an upcoming meeting.


What is the deadline for submissions?

- Check the submissions page.


Why should I not submit last-minute?

-Well, for starters, we would like to spread out the reviewing.  Imagine if you had all your papers/tests/etc with just one week to prepare: you could do it well, but it would be nice to have more time.  Will this affect our reviewing?  We will always, always, always give every single submitter and submitted piece an equal amount of respect, time, and energy.  So, now you want to know why you should do it earlier:  If your piece is not accepted, you can meet with us and talk about it.  Often we get many pieces that with a little revision or tweaking could jump from maybe-with-potential to great.  Many times, submitters never ask for our feedback (see question about understanding) and never realize just how close it was.  This would give you a chance to do that.  It also gives you a chance to submit another piece (see the question about submission limits).



How many times may I submit work?

- Anyone may submit work as many times as they wish. However, a maximum of three pieces per person can be accepted into the magazine.


If I'm a staff member. Can I still submit work?

- Of course you can. Anyone who wishes to submit is encouraged to. However, if you are a regularly attending member, it may behoove you to be absent from a meeting while your work is being reviewed, as it can be uncomfortable to hear critique firsthand. An officer will inform you when your work will be critiqued, though, so you'll know ahead of time.


I can't make it to meetings this semester, but I'd still like to submit work. Is that okay?

- Certainly. We welcome as many submissions as we can get, and we have many contributing artists who are not regularly attending members. If you would prefer simply to submit but not to attend meetings, or if you cannot attend meetings because of your schedule, but would still like to contribute, that is perfectly fine. Please feel free to be involved with the Lion's Eye in whatever way works best for you.


How often do you produce a magazine?

- We publish one issue of our literary magazine every semester, so two per year. Each semester's issue is released at the end of the semester and is heralded by a release party featuring food, music, and a reading of the magazine.


How are you different from Ink?

- Ink is an organization that focuses on writing workshops, whereas the Lion's Eye is focused on critiquing student work and producing a literary magazine to showcase it. The Lion's Eye also features a blend of literature and art, including poetry, prose, drawings, photography, digital manipulations, etc.


I'm interested in submitting to professional literary magazines.  How would submitting to this affect that?

-We are currently working on finding a more specific question and answers.  Please e-mail with any specific question you have, and we will do our best to get you an answer.



I don't understand why my work was not accepted.  I'm interested in understanding and hearing your thoughts on how to improve this/a future piece geared towards this magazine.  What do I do?

- You want to talk to an officer.  Lion's Eye holds office hours outside of meeting times throughout the week.  In an attempt to be more available, we have implemented a strategy of flexible office hours Mon-Thurs.  Please e-mail us with some time options, and we will set up a meeting.  Keep in mind that we have limited page space and always receive more pieces than we could ever possibly fit in the magazine, and that, while we are a good-numbered, diverse group, we do not represent the opinion of every person or even every literary magazine.  Also, please consider your type of piece (for example, sometimes we receive amazing spoken word poems, which we feel would be great for Student Reading Series, etc, but not so great for our written magazine).  If you cannot find any possible time to ever meet with an officer (or do not want to in-person), our policy prevents us from having these discussions through e-mail, texts, phone calls, Skype, or anything other than an in-person face to face sit-down meeting.


What's the deal with that weird guy, Matt?

- Matt was our Corresponding Secretary, so he's the one responsible for those weird e-mails you keep getting every week (not the current e-mails). He's just a little off in some ways, but it comes in handy during fundraising time when we need some doof to dress up to promote our club. If you were here last year (some years ago) around Valentine's Day, you may have noticed some idiot dressed as Cupid in the Student Center or darting around campus reading love poem telegrams. That idiot was Matt. Matt is a very missed alumni, and left large shoes to fill.  As you can guess, he also did the website.

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